By identifying and reversing unconscious negative beliefs, we access higher energy fields associated with positive states of human-being.

As a Kinesiologist, I have been assisting clients shift deep-rooted misunderstandings of themselves, of others and of life for more than 25 years. I see my role as the conduit, helping others access that which in times of stress and ill health, they lose touch with. Kinesiology assists in promoting physiological, psychological and spiritual health by restoring the natural ability we all possess to maintain, regain and rebuild a state of wellness. Replacing negative energy with positive energy for our highest good.

How can I help?

With gentle muscle testing we access the stresses and imbalances that are related to our emotional, physical, spiritual and cellular make-up. This bypasses confused, conscious thoughts and goes deep into the unconscious where the clearing out of old beliefs and patterns takes place. With a variety of techniques from different modalities, a customised session evolves. Throughout the balance – which runs about 90 minutes – non-beneficial, toxic states of being, behaviour and belief shift: It is here that the true benefits of the balance take place.

If you are experiencing stress, depression, allergies or any other long standing emotional or physical issues, Kinesiology can help bring peace into your life

What can I help with?

  • An increased sense of well-being and health
  • Concentration and motivation
  • Allergies
  • Increased awareness and self esteem
  • A greater understanding of self and others
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Emotional problems (anxiety, anger, frustration, aggression.)


Located near the heart of the North Sydney business district.
7 mins walk from North Sydney Station, 10 mins from Milsons Pt Station
Sessions available 6 days a week between 9am and 5pm. By appointment only.

Consultation Fees

Sessions run for BETWEEN 90 and 120mins.

Balance Session In-Clinic $150.00
Balance Session via Zoom $150.00
Mini-Balance Remote $80.00
Babies & small children Remote P.O.A.

Registered with

Australian Traditional Medicines Society – ATMS Registration #16461
Australian Kinesiology Association. – AKA
Kathryn Cooke Clinic

Kathryn Cooke – Level 4 Kinesiologist. Practitioner Since 1993

Specialising in: Rekindled Ancient Wisdom and Attractor Field Techniques.

Utilising: Touch for Health; Tools of the Trade; One Brain; Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP); Tree of Life Foundation – (AFT); Attitude with Essence; EFT; The Journey; Counselling Kinesiology; Reflexology; Hyperton-X; SIPS; Transforming DNA; Kinergetics; RESET; Facial Harmony. Kinergetics.

What led me to this work

Many years ago, a Naturopath friend of mine was looking to prescribe the right herbal medicine for a client, when she stated, “If only the body could talk.” My immediate response was, “But it can.”

I had been practicing Kinesiology for four years at that point, and that was exactly what I’d been doing – circumventing a client’s conscious mind, opening up a communication channel and going straight to the all-knowing body to find out what it needed. The messages came back plain and clear.

My own body had been calling out to me for a long time. From the age of four I suffered chronic eczema, and my fortnightly trips on the bus to the Children’s Hospital in London provided no answers. For five years I was given many different creams, some of which soothed, but none healed. When I was nine my family, independent of my ills, became vegetarian. After only two weeks of a different diet the eczema disappeared. I was free. The only reason I tell this is that at a very young age I became aware of something about myself that I didn’t understand but this nebulous information became a guiding light – A beacon in my life.

It was no accident that I began working as a Kinesiologist.

In my practice I utilise all the skills I’ve learned from different modalities, but generally do so under the umbrella of Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW). RAW guides the session as it looks to balance the energy systems through twelve parts of our multi-dimensional being. It allows access to any information needed to correct imbalances on multiple levels and dimensions.

Kathryn Cooke